Welcome to the AlpineBits Interface

AlpineBits is an interface specification for exchanging touristic data, developed by the AlpineBits Alliance. This is a machine readable end node, which is not intended for human usage. Please refer to the following links to consume this end node.

The Alliance

The AlpineBits Alliance is the organization defining the AlpineBits standard. It's members are various companies in the tourism sector, collaborating for for a common and open interface standard.

The Docs

AlpineBits Hotel Data is subset of the OTA standard, defining how to use actions, attributes and messages, specially tailored for the needs of the alpine tourism (but not limited). It's documentation is freely available as PDF together with the according examples in a zip file.

Open Data Hub

The Open Data Hub is a project of the Open Data Hub Team at the NOI Techpark, Bolzano/Bozen, Italy. All it's data is available as open data. In addition to the REST APIs the Open Data Hub has an AlpineBits Hotel Data Server Interface to publish accomodation related data.

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